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09 June 2006 @ 08:17 pm

It is World War III and you are some of the world's elite.

Rather than have you in the midst of the
global conflict your parents have sent you to safety. Sent you away. Sent you to be kept protected.

Chile hosts the
United Nations Childrens Embassy:your home until it is deemed safe to return home. Children and teenagers of the worlds most prestigious are sent here; Sons of Dukes and Duchesses, Lords, Presidents, even Kings have been sent to this secure, protected Embassy.

Located on the coast of Chile, this Embassy looks rather like a small town than a sanctuary. The boys are free to move about as they please with use of the beach, schools, shopping centers, sporting venues, and all that they wish. After all, these are the elite young men of tomorrow.

You are elite, you are rich, you come from powerful families. This is where you will reside until the war is over. From
Canada to Germany, Australia to Finland; you've come from all over the world and now there is nothing to do but wait.