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02 June 2006 @ 04:07 pm
I was talking to Meghan (Elliott-shaped) & I had decided laaast weekend that I wanted to do a video for Vivian & Elliott. Well. Before. I didn't have pictures of Elliott, so I couldn't do it. But! I got a bunch of random ones from her aaaaand so, thus, I made a video :D

Crash & Burn - Vivian & Elliott

Soo whatcha think? :3
And I was thinking. Since I get bored easily (XD) if anyone else wants one of these done up for either their sole, single character or their character's couple, feel free to let me know. You know where to find me [sweetxemotionxx] sooo, poke at me and let me know what song to use (I may ask you to send it to me or wait until I can download it, though, 'cause I may not have it! :O!) and shove some pictures at me (preeeeferably around 9 for each character, but I can do fine with less if you don't have that many!) ^__^

~*~Carrie (Vivian-and-James-shaped)~*~*~
26 March 2006 @ 10:55 am

today something happend between Cameron and Conrad
there was a confrontation at Conrads home in which Lead to a fight which then inturn lead to a suicide. - Conrads suicide.

NOW - please be clear i dont advocate suicide as an answer in real rp. But the situation was discussed in length before the entire rp was done. And from both sides we felt it was the best way to end things.

Mainly because - Cameron and Conrad were never going to resolve issues. Which lead to Conrad pulling away from everyone because of his anger.

As horrible as this is and as bad as i feel for saying this haha i dont see many people being upset besides the Three people who were closest to him.

ON A FINAL NOTE - suicide is not the answer for everyone in this rp who wants to leave this was basically a one timeish kind of thing. And dont make a repeat of it okay. As it states in the rules you are to contact me if you wanna do anything drastic..
from suicides.. stds..w/e contact me.
Im really open minded so.. dont be afriad to ask me anything.

Questions/Comments? - contact underd0sexx
05 January 2008 @ 12:42 am

But first...
-Have you read the rules?
~We're trusting that you have, since we don't have one of those silly little questions in the applications to test you with.

-Are you up for being active?
~Why bother joining in on something you're going to forget about?

-You do understand this is a /slash/ Role-Play, right?
~If this offends you, don't apply.

-Do you know your character inside and out?
~It's not often that one walks into school knowing nothing other than their first and last name.

&Remember that your boy probably isn't new to the school. He most likely knows other students, even if you don't know other members. Talk to each other OOC-- make up their pasts together; did they meet in grade school? Have they dated in the past? Have they been best friends for years?


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