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→ McRoberts High School;;
...as real as you can get in a slash role-playing game...



McRoberts is a two-story public high school in the suburbs. Students older than sixteen are allowed to drive to school if they are able; younger students can walk, get a ride, or take the bus. Homeroom starts at 7:45 and the final bell rings at 2:08.

Uniforms are not required, but there is a dress-code (obviously, you're not allowed to show up to school half-naked). I.D. badges must be worn by all students throughout the school day, and failure to do so will probably result in a detention.

Don't make your school/class look bad by breaking standard school rules during a sporting event or marching band competition; wouldn't want to get suspended, would we?



♦♦ Original MALE Characters ONLY. Celebrity puppets are fine; just be sure your puppet isn't taken first.

♦♦ If you're not going to be active, please don't join as more than one character.

♦♦ Assume that all members are using story-book style role playing; it's standard for this community.

♦♦ /NO MPREG!/ This not only impossible, but it always ends up getting out-of-hand.

♦♦ Define the line between OOC and IC, please.

♦♦ Try to update your journal every few weeks. We understand that's not always possible.

♦♦ Friend's Only journal entries as well as a disclaimer in your info are both required... they not optional.

♦♦ Please contact a mod before making any life-altering decisions for your character (i.e. - suicide).

♦♦ Dead characters can not come back to life.

♦♦ Going to be away for a week or so? No big deal; just let us know you're leaving.

♦♦ Staff members can be male or female, young or old, strict or popular; it's up to you.

♦♦ This is an AIM-based role play. You may not join without it.

♦♦ Only join the university if you're accepted; otherwise, you are required to add it to your friends list.

♦♦ Make sure you read everything on this page before you post your application (below) HERE.



You are in High School. You are a young man... NOT a young lady. You probably are involved in a sport, the marching band and/or clubs. All High Schools have annual dances. Not everyone is the new kid. You have friends, foes, family, hobbies, interests, and are probably in some kind of clique. Most boys do not like to to read and write as much as you do. If your puppet is Sonny Moore, are you really going to know who From First to Last is? Do you normally date/love people you've only gotten to know for two-days or less at a personal level? A lot of kids like to form garage bands in high school. In every school, there are jocks, popular kids, loners, 'druggies', nerds, etc... define yourself. Not everyone is suicidal; some people actually enjoy life. Have you done something to get you in trouble? I'm sure you'll be more than happy to serve your detention or suspension accordingly. Oh, and by the way-- mid-terms and final exams count for 25% of your over-all grade.



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